November 28, 2011

275.365-300.365: 25 down...

 275.365 daily photo. Teaching him to ride.

276.365 daily photo. Canning moth balls to keep the rattle snakes away.

277.365 daily photo. Making pizza puffs in my muffin pan.

278.365 daily photo. Spngebob headphones.

279.365 daily photo. I think she's singing, "Why ya gotta be so mean!"

280.365 daily photo. Honoring our vets.

281.365 daily photo. My new blue suede shoes.

 282.365 daily photo. Fresh baked pumpkin bread from my CCD student.

283.365 daily photo. Crock-pot Lasagna.

 284.365 daily photo. Sewing some more baby burp cloths.

285.365 daily photo. My loves.

286.365 daily photo. More practicing riding his bike.

 287.365 daily photo. Learning to crochet.

288.365 daily photo. Sewed an infinity scarf.

 289.365 daily photo. Happy Thanksgiving.

290.365 daily photo. Painting ornaments.

291.365 daily photo. Sewing some more.

292.365 daily photo. 2nd infinity scarf.

 293.365 daily photo. Relaxing after some hard work.

294.365 daily photo. Lovin' her new scarf.

 295.365 daily photo. Ornament project for my CCD students.

 296.365 daily photo. Folded laundry.

297.365 daily photo. The kids love setting up our nativity scene.

298.365 daily photos. My water globes are some of my favorite Christmas decor.

299.365 daily photo. Can you guess which are Madeline's?

300.365 daily photo. Family = Love.

Only 65 more to go!!!!!!!

November 02, 2011

262.365-274.365: Ninety-One to GO!

Sorry my laptop has been on the fritz and thanks to my awesome cuz we have a new laptop and I now have Photoshop CS5 - I am so ecstatic! Been playing around with lots of different photo actions. Hope you can tell, and hope my photos look even better!

By the way, I have less than 100 daily photos to go...91 to be exact!

262.365 daily photo. Meeting new cousins. Stephen's 1st cousin came for a visit. It was our first time meeting her husband and kids. Madeline and James had so much fun with their 2nd cousins.

263.365 daily photo. James with his 2nd cousin Dawsen.

264.365 daily photo. I can't take credit for taking this, hubby took it and I'm in the pic. I love it when he brings home these little European cars from work.

265.365 daily photo. We always have an awesome sunset view. It sets behind our house over the farmland behind us.

266.365 daily photo. I love buying Mums every Fall. Lowe's had 50% off every plant, so I got this one in this cute welcome pot for $7.

267.365 daily photo. The kids each bought some seasonal flowers for 50 cents at Lowe's and planted them in our walkway planter. I love the purple pattern in this one.

268.365 daily photo. Thanks to Stephen's brothers whom always send him these, he has a MASSIVE shot glass collection from all over the USA and Europe. This one is the latest one he got from his brother who was on a work trip in Minnesota.

269.365 daily photo. I love when our beds are made. Decided to do a bed series. Here's ours.

270.365 daily photo. Here's Madeline's made bed.

271.365 daily photo. And here is James' made bed.

272.365 daily photo. Happy All Hallows Eve!

273.365 daily photo. I can't believe it's already November! Wish I was going to this island on my Hawaiian calendar this month.

274.365 daily photo. The chore in the house that I leave until last to do are the dishes. Thankfully Stephen does them a lot of the time.

October 20, 2011

259.365-261.365: lovin' autumn

259.365 daily photo. The kids made paper bag owl puppets.

 260.365 daily photo. We've been having awesome Fall weather. So every evening the kids love to go ride their bikes with the neighbor boys.

261.365 daily photo. I love the way the sun is hitting Penny's pretty coat.

October 16, 2011

253.365-258.365: random

253.365 daily photo. My mom sent home these brand new canisters with us last month. I had no clue what I would fill them with. Then she suggested cereal and pasta. Great idea! Our family loves both, and I love the color and textures they bring to the canisters.

254.365 daily photo. Can you say "conked out!"?

255.365 daily photo. Madeline's class earned a pajama day party. :)

256.365 daily photo. Stephen's mom sent these adorable candy jars home with us for the kids. Her sister, Aunt Margaret, made them out of clay pots, knobs and fish bowls. Clever idea!

257.365 daily photo. Cruising in one of my favorite Hertz cars...Camaro.

258.365 daily photo. My handsome, clean cut 5 year old.

October 11, 2011

252.365: veil

252.365 daily photo. Madeline will be receiving the Sacrament of First Holy Communion this school year. For my 217th daily photo I posted a photo of the communion bracelet Stephen's mom wore as a young girl when she received the Sacrament - Madeline will be wearing it. I asked my mom if Madeline could wear her vintage chapel mantilla veil that she wore when she was younger. She gave it to us when we were in Cali last month. Now Madeline will be wearing something from both of her grandmothers on this very special day. 
Now to find her a dress. :)